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SOS Travel is committed to maintain and update the contractual conditions and provide transparent services to travel consciously. For any information or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.



SOS travel is an online travel agency specialized in travel to Europe. The offer is differentiated in two types of journeys with this contract terms:

1.Travels directly sold on the site
2.Trips for individuals andr group on request

It will not established any contract between the customer and SOS travel until the moment when:
- SOS travel has received the full payment in advance of the journey by credit card, Paypal or otherwise agreed in advance with the customer.
- SOS travel has confirmed, via specific email submitted by the buyer, and associated with the number of travel reservation as referred to the following terms p.to 6.

The arrival of the traveler at the airport must be consistent with the terms and conditions of the airlines using for travel. The arrival and departure time at the airport will be specified in the summary of the journey sent to the customer as required by p.to 7.
The rooms and facilities will be available to customers normally from 14.00 of the day of arrival until 12.00 am of departure day.

Prices are in Pound

We only accept payments in Pound or EURO made with the following systems: Credit Card, Paypal, bank transfer where applicable. All offers posted on the site that do not need a personalized estimate, must be paid entirely in advance. SOS travel is committed to confirming your travel within 6 hours. If it is not confirmed, no cost is charged to the customer and the financial transaction will be canceled. The missing payment of the amounts described above, on the scheduled dates
will constitute termination clause, such as to determine the expunging of the journey, with the application of the relative penalties:

We intend to for individual travel, the packages bought through travel booking system. Particularly, the offers “with flight included” and offers “Travel and Hotels” published on the homepage that provide online booking and electronic payment. The booking for individual travels, takes place by choosing the desired trip, including all data required by the system and paying by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. If the transaction is successful will arrive to the customer the email of “booking confirmation ” by SOS Travel and from Paypal as a technical partner for receiving of payments. In case where the data provided were incorrect (name and surname of travelers) SOS Travel declines all responsibility, committing, however, to correct the error as possible. The penalties provided by the airlines for incorrect data will be required to the customer.

Once you complete the purchase, the customer receives a first email with the booking of the journey confirmed, the email to “take charge” in addition to Paypal email for the confirmation of payment. Within to next six hours (working days 9:00a.m. to 18:00p.m.) and no later than 24 hours followed by a third confirmation email of the journey. Only then the journey will be confirmed by SOStravel. If the travel could not be confirmed will be immediately refunded to your credit card or bank account used to pay the entire cost of travel. Nothing is due to SOStravel can however contact the customer for alternative proposals.

Delivery of travel documents will be made by SOS travel after the travel confirmation email of the main contact and eventually by mail. If you purchase travel with flight included, the fruition
of the journey is conditional sending to SOS via email, fax or phone the details of a valid
for expatriation in course of validity (identity card or passport) for each traveler.

The customer who is unable to use the services requested, can request to transfer their reservation to another person indicated by him to take over the same itinerary or tourist service. The new traveler must bear the costs for changing the ticket and £ 30 for administrative costs and will take over the agreement with SOS travel in the same terms as the original booking.
This request must be submitted within 7 days to SOStravel via email or fax. The change of travelers will be considered valid only after the customer has received a writing confirmation by SOS travel. SOS travel will not be held responsible for any non-acceptance of changing names by one or more suppliers. The traveler who gives up and the new traveler are both responsible for the payment of the balance amount and for any additional costs.

Since you receive the confirmation of the travel is not possible to cancel the trip if not undergoing the following penalties:
- Non-refundable airline ticket;
- hotels cost refundable according to the conditions from time by time communicated to the customer in the confirmation of the journey;
- Cost of excursions are refundable in accordance with the conditions from time by time communicated to the customer in the confirmation of the journey;
- SOS if travel is not communicating in your email confirmation of the travel, any cancellation penalties, the full amount is meant not refundable.

In case where SOStravel would need to significantly change one or more elements of the contract, it will give immediately advise in writing / email to the customer, indicating the type of change and the change in the consequent price.

In the case in which:

- The price increase is higher by at least 10% compared to the previously established;
- The elements of the contract are modified to be configured as basic for the satisfactory use of the package;

the customer will be entitled to terminate the contract and the consequent refund of the amount anticipated or to take advantage of a package or a tourist service alternative of equal quality or higher without additional charge, or refund the excess money when the second package has a value lower than the first. The customer must give communication (to accept the change or withdraw) no later than two business days from the moment he received the notice of increase or modification. In default of express notice within such period, the proposal formulated by the organizer is considered accepted.

There is the possibility that the reservation has to be canceled by us for reasons of ” fortuitous event ” that are beyond our control that cannot be avoided despite the attention and care. Such events may include episodes of war, threat of war, riot, civil war, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, government guidelines, adverse weather conditions and more generally all those events that are beyond our control.
For these cases we are sorry to not recognize any refund, including any costs or expenses endured by you and we do not even recognize any compensation.

In his capacity as organizer of the trip, the responsibility of SOS Travel to the passenger and its affairs shall be governed by laws and international treaty provisions governing the liability of travel agencies, ratifying the International Convention of Brussels of 23/04/1970 applicable since it is verified the act which originated such responsibility. The responsibility of SOS cannot, in any case, exceed to limits fixed by applicable laws and conventions.
- Damage, loss, stolen, on objects owned by the couple (e.g. luggage) caused by negligence or poor performance of the services confirmed, by SOS or persons traded to perform this service. The responsibility of SOStravel will not exceed the limits of international conventions relating to the service during which the harmful event occurred and, however, the extent of 30% of the value of the services confirmed for each traveler.
- SOS travel will not, however, responsible for damage of any nature, when the negligence or bad handling of the contract are attributable or your fault nor the fault of one of the providers of services, but may be due the ascertained failure to perform of the contract, that: is attributable to the traveler, is attributable to a third party outside the dispensing of services and that it is not predictable and insuperable; due to causes of ” fortuitous event” or caused by an event that neither SOStravel or the provider of services that could have contracted, even with great care, predict and avoid.
- SOS is not in any way responsible for the damage: resulting in omission, by the traveler, recommendations or instructions received by SOStravel or the service provider hired by this, in the case of services provided by third parties and not mentioned at the moment confirmation of booking due to autonomous initiatives traveler.
- If, according to the opinion of people or institutions that have authority, such as the police, the owner of the structure or personnel of SOStravel, the traveler does not appear suitable to hold the accommodation, or because the same conduct is such as to to disturb other customers, or damage the property, we are entitled to terminate the rental agreement signed. We will not be obligated to propose an alternative stay, or to make us bear the costs that there may be, nor to make any reimbursement.
- All services and equipment proposed by us are subject to normal terms and conditions of the provider of services which are deemed incorporated in the contract between the customer and SOS travel. The airline or the owner /responsible of the accommodation reserves the right to refuse the flight /accommodation if they are not satisfied the contractual conditions for eligibility for their services. In particular: the rules of flying Ryanair, Wizzair flight rules, flight rules used for the airlines and the travel sites reported in the company website.

In the event that the customer is unsatisfied with the service or facility must immediately inform the staff of SOS of the reason for the complaint, in order to act to find out a solution for the inconvenience. In the non-hoped situation where the customer has dissatisfied the return from their holidays, they should write to SOStravel reason for the complaint within 10 days. In case where or SOStravel or the service provider had not been contacted by this advised their dissatisfaction by customers during the holiday, SOStravel will not accept any claims made later. In case the customer decides to leave the residence in advance of his time in the park, without the express permission of SOS travel, will lose all rights to a refund as well as any complaints are not taken into account.

The prices are based on costs of of services for the end date of the consultation. Daily updates make it more current prices, except for errors.
In the case where, before the required period, happen to you changes into costs of the stays or services contracted by us, SOStravel reserves the right to change their own prices, increasing or decreasing, depending on the variations occurred, giving instant communication to the customer.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to provide possession of any valid documents needed for travel abroad. SOStravel disclaims any liability in both criminal and moral for the lack of valid documents for travel abroad and / or the irregularity of them.

This contract is governed by Polish law and exclusive jurisdiction is given to a Polish court. In case of dispute will be settled the Court of Katowice.
Your agreement of booking with SOS constitute your acceptance of all the clauses prescribed in these contract terms.
By common agreement can be provided that the disputes arising from the application will be resolved through arbitration.

Where present, is listed the official classification, which is recognized by the competent Public Authority of the country where its service is provided. Additionally, it can be specified a quality judgment based on criteria established by the Organiser.

SOStravel stipulation, which provided travel insurance for travelers by notifying them.

This agreement shall remain valid until it is published on the sitewww.sostravelagency.co.uk
Any changes will be made available always on the company website.

SOS travel is a travel agency authorized in Poland
Tour operator license Z/24/2012 Voivodship of Krakow.
Insurance AXA n. 00.818.411.
VAT: PL6793081165

The privacy policy is available on www.sostravelagency.co.uk/privacy-policy