Travels and weekend in Budapest


Travels and weekend in Budapest
Trips for individual and Group travels in Budapest

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a modern city, full of life and charm of Eastern Europe. After the communist period, Budapest has returned to the glory of ever.
It is characterized by the beauty of the imperial palaces, the history of the districts of Buda, the wealth of nightclubs on the Pest side. During the winter season Square in the main of Vorosmarty are set up the typical Christmas markets.

Our travel package includes direct flight to Budapest, accommodation in international hotels in the city center and two excursions already included: a guided tour of Budapest in English and the boat trip. In four hours visiting all the main places of Buda and Pest, arriving at the Fishermen’s Bastion, with narrow streets and unmissable view. In the afternoon the journey continues with the tour boat on the Danube, through the most famous bridges and stopping at Margaret Island, the city’s main park.