SOS Travel is a Travel Agency and Tour Operator specialized in Central European, Eastern European, and Russian destinations. It organizes trips for groups and for individual travellers, selling on the internet or through joint travel agencies. The contract is regulated by the touristic law of the Polish Republic and the European Union, including everything that follows. We’ve subscribed for an insolvency policy with AXA Poland (n. 00.818.411), which you may consult on our website www.sostravelagency.co.uk.
The client accepts all terms of the contract, especially part 1 (booking), 9 (cancellation from client), 11 (cancellation for majeure force), 12 (our responsibility), and declares to hold a valid passport at the time of the trip. This contract shall come into force on the date of the payment.

SOS Travel will not establish a contract with the customer until:
– SOS travel has received the advanced full payment of the journey by credit card, bank transfer, or other, upon joint agreement;
– SOS Travel has confirmed the reservation via specific email to the buyer and has associated a the number of travel reservation as reported in the following terms p.to 6.

The arrival time at the airport shall be consistent with the policies of the designated airline. Suggested arrival and departure time at the airport will be specified in the summary of the journey sent to the customer as required by p.to 7.
Rooms and facilities will be available to the customer from 14.00 pm on arrival day, until 12.00 am on departure day.

Prices are expressed in Euro, Pounds or US Dollar, as per catalogue, website or third-party contract sent to the client.

We only accept payments in Euro, Pounds or US Dollar through the following methods: Credit Card, Pay pal, or bank transfer (where applicable). All offers posted on the website that do not need a personalized estimate, must be entirely paid in advance. SOS Travel is committed to confirming your travel within 6 hours. Mustn’t the trip be confirmed no cost will be charged and the financial transaction will be canceled. Shall the payment not be received on the scheduled dates, the contract will terminate, and determine the cancellation of the journey with the application of the relative penalties.

By individual travels we mean all package trips available on the catalogue and on the automated booking system on www.sostravelagency.co.uk, or on quotations, upon request. Especially, we include the offers which provide online booking and include airplane ticket, or only land services.
In particolare, le offerte che prevedono booking online con volo incluso o solamente servizi a terra.
Individual travel booking is available through choosing the designated trip, filling in all the requested information on the page and paying by credit card, Pay pal, bank transfer, or at the agency. Shall the personal information of the traveller be incorrect (name and last name of the passengers), SOS Travel declines all responsibility, however trying to solve the mistake in any means possible. Any penalty from the airline for incorrect information should be entirely covered by the passenger.
Should the customer perform the booking through a joint travel agency, SOS Travel will send an account balance to confirm the booking stating the date of the performed payment and recapitulate the purchased services. This contract is considered valid for the final client. Shall the payment not be performed by the final client and/or the third-party travel agency, we confirm validity of p. to 1.

After having performed the payment, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail relative to the booking. Within 6 hours from the first message (considering working hours) and not over 24 hours, the customer will be notified with a second confirmation e-mail. Mustn’t the trip be confirmed the balance would immediately be restored on the customer’s credit card or bank account used for the payment. SOS Travel shall not claim any payment; it may, however, contact the customer for alternative options.

The delivery of the travel documents will be performed by SOS travel after having sent the travel confirmation e-mail or by express mail (if applicable). If you purchase your flight through SOS Travel, it is necessary to send the Agency all the details of your Passport via email, fax or telephone.

Should the customer be unable to utilize the designated services, he/she may request to transfer the reservation to another person who shall take over the same itinerary or touristic service. The new traveler must bear the costs for the ticket name change, and £30 for administrative costs, while also taking over the agreement with SOS travel in the same terms as the original booking.
The request must be submitted to SOS Travel via email or fax. The change of travelers will be considered valid only after the customer has received a written confirmation by SOS travel. SOS travel will not be held responsible for any non-acceptance of name change by one or more suppliers. The renouncing traveler and the new traveler are both responsible for the payment of the balance amount and for any additional fees.

From the moment you receive the confirmation of the trip (as per point 6 about confirmation of the journey), it is not possible to cancel it without undergoing the following penalties:
– Non-refundable airline ticket;
– Hotel cost refundable according to the conditions communicated to the customer in the confirmation phase;
– The cost of the activities is refundable in accordance with the conditions communicated to the customer in the confirmation phase;
– If SOS Travel doesn’t communicate any cancellation policy or penalty , the full amount shall not be refundable.

In case SOS Travel needs to significantly change one or more terms of the contract, it will immediately warn the customer by e-mail, indicating the type of change and the consequent price.
In case:
– The price increase is of 8% (or more) compared to the previous one;
– The modified contract is considered to be unsatisfactory compared to the previous terms
the customer will be entitled to terminate the contract and consequently receive a refund of the amount payed in advance, or to take advantage of an alternative service of equal or higher cost without additional charges; in addition, should the second package have a lower cost, the customer will be reimbursed of the difference. The customer must give communication of acceptance, change or withdraw no later than two business days from the moment he has been notified of the change. In default of express notice within such period, the proposal formulated by the organizer is considered accepted.

In the unfortunate case in which the reservation must be canceled for reasons beyond our control and responsibility, we are sorry to announce we can’t recognize any kind of refund or compensation.
Such events may include episodes of war, threat of war, riot, civil war, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, government guidelines, adverse weather conditions and, more generally, all those events that are beyond our control despite our care and attention.

As organizer of the trip, the responsibility of SOS Travel towards the passenger and his/her affairs shall be governed by the laws and international treaty provisions governing the liability of travel agencies, ratifying the International Convention of Brussels of 23/04/1970 applicable from the moment of verification and validation of such responsibility. The responsibility
of SOS Travel cannot, in any case, exceed the limits fixed by applicable laws and conventions.
-Damaged, loss, stolen objects owned by the guests (i.e. luggage) caused by negligence or poor performance of the suppliers, by SOS Travel or third-party. The responsibility of SOS Travel will not exceed the limits of international conventions related to the service during which the event occurred and, however, the extent of 30% of the value of the services confirmed for each traveler.
– SOS Travel will not be held responsible for damage of any nature when the negligence or bad handling of the contract are attributable to the traveller or to a third-party provider not involved with SOS Travel which is not predictable and insuperable; due to “fortuitous event” that neither SOS Travel or the provider of services, even when the event is handled with great care, predict and avoid.
– SOS Travel is not in any way responsible for the damage resulting in omission, by the traveler, recommendations or instructions received by SOS Travel or the service provider hired by this, in the case of services provided by third parties and not mentioned at the moment confirmation of booking due to autonomous initiatives traveler.
– Should the authority, institutions, the owner of the structure or SOS Travel personnel have reasons to believe that the traveller does not appear suitable to hold the accommodation, either because of inappropriate behaviour towards other customers or physical damage to the property, we are entitled to terminate the signed agreement on the accommodation. In addition, we will not be obliged to offer an alternative or to bear the costs that may occur, neither shall the customer be entitled to any form of remboursement.
– All services and equipment offered by us are subject to the standard terms and conditions of the service provider which are deemed incorporated in the contract between the customer and SOS Travel. The airline or the owner/responsible of the accommodation reserves the right to refuse the flight ticket/accommodation if the eligibility conditions on their contract are not satisfied. In particular: the rules of flying with Ryanair, Wizzair flight rules, flight rules used for the airlines and the travel sites reported in the company website.
In case of delay, skyjacking, or cancellation of the flight, the airline is to be held responsible for refund and indemnity. The client therefore accepts not to blame (morally and legally) SOS Travel should they not receive cooperation and refund by the airline (scheduled or low-cost) for majeure force, which is not to be blamed on the airline. SOS travel is not responsible for delays, skyjacking or cancellation of the flights to and from the destination which may mean the total or partial cancellation of the purchased package trip.

Should the customer be unsatisfied with the provided service or facility, he/she must immediately contact the SOS Travel staff and report the reason of the complaint in order to find an appropriate solution to the problem. In the unforseen case where the customer has already returned from the trip and wishes to express his/her dissatisfaction, he/she should write an e-mail stating the reason of the complaint within 10 days. If SOS Travel or the provider of the service have not been contacted about the dissatisfaction during the holiday, SOS travel will not accept any claims made after the indicated period. Should the customer leave the destination and/or the accommodation before the designated time and witout permission by SOS Travel, he/she will lose all rights to a refund and any complaint would be ignored.

The prices are based on costs and services applied at the time they are published on the website and catalogue. SOS Travel therefore retains the right to change the prices depending on the variations of the market -increasing or decreasing-. Should any changes in the price happen, the Agency will give instant communication to the customer.

It is the traveller’s responsibility to hold valid documents to travel abroad. SOS Travel denies any liability for both criminal and moral reasons related to the lack of valid transport documents.

This contract is governed by the Polish law and the exclusive jurisdiction is given to a Polish court. In case of dispute, it will be settled by the Court of Krakow. Your booking agreement with SOS Travel confirms your acceptance of all the clauses and terms of this contract. Otherwise, arising disputes may be solved through arbitration, upon joint agreement.

Where possible, a classification of all accommodation types recognized by the competent local authorities will be listed and presented. Additionally, SOS Travel may present a quality judgment based on self-established criteria.

This agreement shall remain valid until it is published on the www.sostravelagency.co.uk website.
Any changes will be made available on the company website.ù

SOS Travel Spzoo is a corporation that responds to the Polish law, with authorized operations in the European Union for organizing trips and excursions. The legal headquarters are at Ul. Grabowskiego 13/4 31-126 Krakow (Poland), Tour Operator licence number Z/24/2012 emitted by Marszalka Wojewodztwa Malopolskiego; VAT number: PL6793081165.
For European Tour programming please contact: SOS Travel Srl, travel agency and tour operator, 36/38 Vincenzo Renieri sreet, 00142 Roma (RM), licence by Scia Reg. Lazio GR355652; VAT number: IT14203921003
The privacy policy is available on www.sostravelagency.co.uk/news/privacy-policy/

20) Insurance: Insolvency policy
In accordance with article 14 paragraph 4 of directive on touristic services of the Polish Republic established on 29 august 1997 (single text on the Official Journal of 2016, position 187 with subsequent modification to the text), as a licenced Tour Operator, SOS Travel Spzoo confirms to hold an insolvency policy stipulated by AXA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń i Reasekuracji S.A. Chłodna 51, 00-867 Warszawa. All documents and written certification of the insurance policy are available on www.sostravelagecy.co.uk.

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