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Discover Italy

Visit Italy, Rome, Florence, Milan, Sicily, Naples.

Italy is a stunning country in the Mediterranean Europe, Italy is the center of Renaissance, with artistic cities, historical and religious sites, breathtaking landscapes and passion for food.
Italy is one of the world’s most-visited countries! Stroll down past ancient ruins of Rome, cobbled lanes of Florence and Naples, and rural towns to find the essence of Europe.
Once here, the opportunities are endless – sailing past bright-colourful villages of Murano and Burano or pastel-hued cliffside villages on the Amalfi Coast, visiting vineyards in Tuscany and Roman Castels to sample the local wine, admiring the beauties of the Eternal City ad the finest Reinaissance art of Florence, and lot more.
Italy is the country of good food and good wine, each region, from the North to the South, has its specialties… So your trip wouldn’t be complete without a typical cooking class.

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