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Krakow, Warsaw, Gdask, Wroclaw...

As a recent travel destination in the heart of Europe, Poland is an all in one Country with artistic cities, historical and religious sites, and stunning natural landscapes.

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Eastern Europe

Prague, Kutna Hora, Budapest, Szentendre...

There’s a lot beyond the Iron Curtain. This expression was first mentioned by UK’s former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, in 1946. Since then, the Iron Curtain stands for all the Countries which have lied in the Soviet influence after World War II. Finally, after the Fall of the Berlin Wall those Nations can now claim back their ancient verve and vocation to hospitality.

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Moscow, St. Petersburg

As the biggest Country in the world, Russia has a lot to offer its visitors. You can not only experience all climates and landscapes in one place, but also immerge yourself in a rich history, visit monuments from different historical periods, and be enchanted by the golden domes of Ortodox Churches.

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