The Russian Federation

Country of spells wonders

Discover Russia

As the biggest Country in the world, Russia has a lot to offer its visitors. You can not only experience all climates and landscapes in one place, but also immerge yourself in a rich history, visit monuments from different historical periods, and be enchanted by the golden domes of Ortodox Churches.

With over 10 million residents, Moscow is the most populous city in Russia. It is the heart of Soviet Architecture, where you can see the Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil Cathedral overlooking the Red Square, or the famous Bolshoi Theatre.

The elegant alleys and canals build a romantic charm around St. Petersburg, giving it the name of Venice of the North. You can walk around the narrow lanes and over the many bridges around the historical buildings of the city, and you can experience the famous White Nights phenomenon, typical of northern Russia.

Russian cuisine is, though, the real hidden gem: winter and summer soups are exquisite; all dishes are served with tea; while vodka -the national distilled beverage-, is the core of every meal. During the summer, we suggest drinking Kvas, a typical beverage made out of fermented bread: not only thirst-quenching, but also cheaper than water.

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