December 5, 2018
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Thanks to its competitive prices, modern facilities and number of attractions, Krakow is one of the most popular venue for corporate events and conferences: a welcoming and folkloristic atmosphere inmerged in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Frequent low cost flights make it easy and accessible to fly to Krakow on a daily basis from all major airports and take advantage of our program, ideal for a four-day corporate trip. The schedule is modeled on the latest business trip organized in November 2018 for private teachers and professors. It includes accomodation in a central 4* hotel with full board accommodation: every night we provided our guests with the best choice among the most typical and characteristic restaurants, starting the experience with a great buffet dinner rich in Polish flavours on the first day.

Our choice included the Morskie Oko restaurant, located in the historical center within the walls of a stunning Secessional Building with a distinctive atmosphere. The name comes from a famous Polish lake in the outskirts of Zakopane, where many myths and legends were born. The fine decorations and the tavern-styled furniture convey an impeccable attention and warmth to the client. In addition, the restaurants often organizes live shows and musical entertainment on the stage in the main hall -see video below-.

Over the years, we gained deep understanding about the needs of our customers regarding restaurant service and menu, as well as the overall quality of the trip given by professional guides. We believe this is why our clients rely on us with no hesitation. After the morning tour, on the second day the guests appreciated some more Polish dishes with italian style table service: after serving the dishes, the waiters simultaniously revealed the delicacies under the cloche producing a light ting which resounded in the whole restaurant, a sign for the guests to start the feast.

The third day has been dedicated to the visit of the Holokaust Memorial Museum of Aushwitz-Birkenau, an emotional experience that touched all the guests. We provided more than one guide for the day, in order to give everyone the same chance to see, listen and understand the never forgotten stories of the camp.

Once in Krakow, we kick-started the event at the hotel’s congress hall, where our clients presented all the new initiatives and catalogue for 2019.

On the last evening of the tour we booked the Browar Lubicz, an ancient though newly refourbished brewery, which we found perfect for this kind of event: the main hall of the venue comfortably welcomed over one hundred guests, dining in modern style while still feeling the atmosphere of the long Krakovian beer-making tradition.

We believe that our strength resides in our expertese and knowledge of the destinations, that’s why we were able to assure a seamless experience, also thanks to the support of our local office branch in Krakow. We’ve put our effort in organizing every detail of the trip, and we couldn’t but please and satisfy our guests though offering the best solutions for them. Click to see and download our Catalogue online. You can contact us by filling in the contact form or by calling SOS Travel at (+44) 02081917056: our operators will help you in finding the best solution for your trip.