Auschwitz Day Tour

Auschwitz-Birkenau guided tour


Bus transfer from downtown Krakow to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, and guided tour.

Why Visit?

See where the Holocaust took place and learn more about some of the worst crimes in world history. Touch with hand the atrocity of the German Third Reich.

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About tour

7 hours
Plac szczepanski
€40 / £36

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Transfer to the Camp and projection of the Documentary about the 1945 Liberation from the Nazis, on the bus.

Arrival to the city of Oswiecim.
Walk the steps of millions of prisoners through the sadly famous gate of the Camp: “Arbeit macht frei”. Enter the imprisonment blocks, gas rooms and see crematory ovens.

During the tour you’ll visit the rooms where the luggage and personal belongings of the deported were stocked, prison rooms, the “shower room”, the execution area, as well as the cell were Saint Maximilian Kolbe was kept.

Quick break, and transfer to Birkenau, the second biggest Nazi Concentration Camp.

Visit the hut prisons that speak lauder than a thousand words. Pass through the watch tower, and the famous railway platform were people were examined and sent to the gas rooms upon arrival.

Before leaving we’ll see the children huts, and the train carts used to deport the prisoners.
Finally, we’ll pay a visit to the monument in memory of the Holocaust.

End of tour and transfer to Krakow.

Optional traditional polish dinner.
Price: €20 / £18

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